The Team

Tanmay portrait image

1. Tanmay - Founder and CEO:

At the helm of ecoop lifestyle private limited, Tanmay is a dynamic 26-year-old entrepreneur with an unwavering passion for creating innovative solutions that positively impact society. With a strong technical background in Mechanical Engineering, his expertise in fluid mechanics fuels the core of our cutting-edge water filtration technology. As a visionary leader, Tanmay envisions ecoop as a beacon of hope in tackling the global water crisis and providing clean water solutions to all. His deep understanding of the aspirations of Gen Z drives the development of products that resonate with the modern consumer. With a mission to make clean water accessible to everyone, Tanmay's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is the driving force behind ecoop's growth and success.

Suraj portrait image

2. Suraj Karvi - Co-founder and CMO:
Meet Suraj Karvi, the 35-year-old Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ecoop lifestyle private limited. A seasoned entrepreneur with a flair for marketing and brand building, Suraj brings a wealth of experience to our team. His visionary approach has shaped ecoop's identity as a brand that not only offers innovative products but also embodies a lifestyle choice for the conscious consumer. Suraj's creative campaigns and strategies have captivated audiences, making ecoop a household name in the water filtration domain. With a vision that resonates with our customers, Suraj's passion for sustainable living and environmental consciousness shines through every aspect of our brand.


3. Atharva Dawale - Co-founder and CTO:
The brain behind the innovative edge of our products, Atharva Dawale, is a 26-year-old entrepreneur and Co-founder serving as the Chief Technology Officer at ecoop lifestyle private limited. Atharva's innovation mindset and relentless pursuit of excellence have set our products apart in the market. A firm believer in catering to the needs of the new age, Atharva's tech-savvy approach drives the development of advanced water filtration solutions that cater to the modern lifestyle. With a focus on precision engineering and revolutionary technologies, Atharva's contribution ensures that ecoop's products deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency. As we cater to a tech-driven generation, Atharva's ingenuity paves the way for a seamless user experience, making ecoop the preferred choice for water filtration needs.