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That's How We Started

ecoop is addressing the most critical yet crucial problem around the globe. Conservation of water and utilization in an efficient way. ecoop has developed a patented technology water filter that can remove unwanted contaminants leaving the water rich in minerals and microbial-free. 

In the year 2022, Tanmay and his friends were hiking over a mountain. They faced the issue of sourcing drinkable water at the moment and an idea to create something portable turned into impacting multiple problems with the same solution.


Among the 1.2 bn population in India, around 40% and more were not treating the water before consuming it. The reasons were multiple yet the cost was also one concern. On other hand, on daily basis, 15,000 tonnes of plastic were generated in India itself. Most of the plastic contained single-use plastic water bottles, the 250 ml small one. Plastic generation was high in volume and yet only 90% of plastics get recycled other wastage gets disposed inside landfills, few in water sewage, and some were eaten by animals. The tremendous effect was also affecting human health as the water stored inside such bottles caused chemical leaching and if consumed on a frequent basis could cause cancer, infertility, degraded immunity, and many more. 


The solution for the issues should have been modern and yet highly effective. Tanmay and Avinash started working on technology and with absolute dedication, they designed the most portable, feature-full, stylish, and young-generation-inspiring product ‘The Smart Water Bottle’ called brand ‘fles’. Further, ecoop got recognized under the Startup India scheme and was incubated at some top-notch incubation centers AIC-NMIMS and COEP Bhau's Incubation Center.

Currently, ecoop is selling premium quality water bottles in India and is soon to be launching a series of smart water bottles.


We believe that people do not compromise when it comes to health. Then why rely on cheap products when you can get much more than expected? Let your water bottle be your new companion which is smarter, more efficient, durable, and can take responsibility for taking care of you!